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Aesthetics treatments for Men

Aesthetic Treatments for Men - We got you covered!

In recent years, the interest in aesthetic treatments for men has been steadily on the rise. Undoubtedly this has been fuelled in part by social media, which has accelerated everyone's awareness and knowledge of aesthetic treatments, especially those undertaken by celebrities.  We are in a culture where Reality-TV-celebrities, both male and female, are  extremely candid about the treatments they're having, leaving the industry  no longer a taboo subject.

Most females have embraced the new norm and aesthetics treatments are as an integral part of their routine as their brow or hair appointment!  It's likely that a female partner, friend or family member will suggest at some point that the gentleman in their lives have a little something done, especially if they themselves have aesthetic treatments. In our experience, this often leads to a couples treatment plan, we have quite a few couples that make regular appointments with ourselves!

The number 1 worry from our male clients is that they will look overdone or feminine, they want to look good without looking fake.

Here at AlterEgo there is No Feminising of Faces or overtreated features- We Promise! Our aim is to bring out the best in you by restoring aging features to their former glory, or helping you define those masculine features like jawline, chin or nose.

When it comes to results, put simply,  different techniques are used when treating men's faces in comparison to females. For example, emphasising the brow arch with Botox isn't so appropriate for men because a flatter eyebrow is more masculine and therefore more aesthetically pleasing.  Similarly, filler is often placed in different areas of the face to emphasise youthful masculinity, with the male face typically more defined than the softer female face.

So how do we help men in their quest to look good and feel great?

Botox and fillers, both briefly mentioned already and probably the most well-known aesthetic treatments, are very effective in relaxing forehead frowns and restoring lost volume, and can help to maintain a masculine jawline, something that often softens and becomes less defined with age. Botox can also be used and is extremely effective for addressing excessive underarm sweating.


More recently, Profhilo has started to gain popularity with our male patients. It contains hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring acid in the skin which diminishes in quantity with age. Hyaluronic acid attracts water, producing a vastly improved level of hydration. It also helps to build collagen, the skin's underlying scaffolding, and it is particularly effective in lifting the lower face by combating the effect of gravity.

This list is not exhaustive and we are continually adding to treatments for our male clients as demand grows. In particular we are looking at hair loss treatment and laser therapies in the near future.

Contact us for a no obligation consultation to see if we can devise a treatment plan to suit your needs.

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